Jane Achtman  

JANE ACHTMAN studied with Sarah Cunningham (viol) at the Academy of Early Music, Bremen, and with Paolo Pandolfo (viol) and Randall Cook (vielle) at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. She graduated from SCB with a diploma in Early Music (Medieval and Renaissance) in 2002. In 1997, together with Irene Klein, Jane set up Musicke & Mirth, an ensemble specialised in viol music from 1540 to 1760. Since its foundation, the ensemble has received several prizes at competitions, and performed all over Europe. Musicke & Mirth has released four CDs with Raumklang and Ramée: Musicke & Mirth (2001), Die Spinne im Netz (2004), Feuer und Bravour (2009) and Division-Musick (2011). As an ensemble player, Jane is a member of The Harp Consort, Accentus and Unicorn; and cooperates with leading musicians, including Kees Boeke, Pedro Memelsdorff and René Jacobs. She has recorded 26 CDs for a number of labels. Her own busy concert schedule has so far taken her all over Europe and further afi eld to Israel, China, Japan, and the United States. Since 2012, Jane is coordinating a research project at Bern University of the Arts, investigating the manufacture of period gut strings.

Kingdom of Heaven

Heinrich Laufenberg
Kingdom of Heaven

Ensemble Dragma
Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett, voice, harp, symphonia
Jane Achtman, vielle, bells
Mark Lewon, voice, plectrum lute, vielle


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The Art of Diminution in 17th-century England

Musicke & Mirth
Irene Klein & Jane Achtman, viola da gamba & lyra viol
Amandine Beyer, violin
Johannes Strobl, virginal & organ

5 Diapasons

Catalogue No.: RAM 1204
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Feuer und Bravour

Feuer und Bravour

The viola da gamba at the court of Frederick the Great

Musicke & Mirth
Irene Klein and Jane Achtman, viola da gamba
Rebeka Rusó, violoncello
Barbara Maria Willi, fortepiano and harpsichord

Diapason découverte

Classica, 9 de Répertoire

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