Kingdom of Heaven Kingdom of Heaven

In the late Middle Ages, the dragma, a special note shape, was used with great versatility to denote peculiarities of rhythm. True to its name, ENSEMBLE DRAGMA takes a similarly distinctive approach to the music of the period, tracing the interplay between monophony and polyphony, exploring the similarities and contrasts between voice and instrument, and bringing strong soloists together to work as a collective. Three highly-regarded musicians are at the heart of this ensemble; their flexible configuration (two voices, vielle, lute, and harp) allows them to bring the repertoire of the high and late Middle Ages to life, in all its colour and variety, for contemporary audiences. Established in 2012, the group soon embarked on a tour of Germany, France and Switzerland with a programme entitled The Kingdom of Heaven. This is Ensemble Dragma's first CD.

Agnieszka Budzińska-Benn, voice, harp, symphonia
Jane Achtman, vielle, bells
Marc Lewon, voice, plectrum lute, vielle
Hanna Marti, voice, symphonia
Elizabeth Rumsey, vielle

1. Es taget minnencliche  
2. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Myn trud gheselle  
3. [Anonymous, c. 1450-1470] Ich bin by ir / Ich bin peý Ir  
4. Bis grüst, maget reine  
5. Ach Döhterlin, min sel gemeit  
6. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Gruß senen Ich im hertzen traghe  
7. Ich wölt, daz ich do heime wer  
8. Ein lerer rúft vil lut  
9. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Cum lacrimis  
10. [Monk of Salzburg, late 14th c.] Benedicite – Die triualt in dem obresten tron  
11. [Anonymous, c. 1470] Aliud Benedicite  
12. Woluf, du böse welt gemein  
13. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Ellende du hest vmb vanghen mich  
14. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Kóm mir ein trost
15. [Anonymous, c. 1450-1470] Ich fare do hyn wen eß muß syn / Ich var zú dir, Maria rein  
16. [Anonymous, c. 1460] Seit ich dich, hercz lib, leiden muß / Seyd ich dich hertzlieb  
17. Got geb vns allen  
18. [Anonymous, c. 1450-1470] Der winter will hin weichen /Sequitur nunc tenor bonus trium notarum videlicet der wýnter der will weýchen / Der winter will hin weichen / Der winter  
19. Puer natus ist vns gar schon  
20. [Anonymous, c. 1470] Benedicite  
21. [Monk of Salzburg, late 14th c.] Benedicite – Fron her du bist in ewigkait  
22. [Anonymous, c. 1470] Benedicite  
23. Es ist ein ingendig jor